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Sustainable Safari Resources & Request Forms

Welcome to the Sustainable Safari Resource Page!

Need to get something done? Choose a category to get started sending a request. If you are looking for the help section, click here to jump down to it.


On-boarding Request

Managers only. Request onboarding for a new employee.
Automatically assigns the task to Dave who will filter to the managers.

Off-boarding Request

Managers only. Request offboarding for a terminated employee.
Automatically assigns the task to Dave who will filter to the managers.

Gift Shop


Inventory Request, Order Items, Price Change

These forms are under construction. Suggested to assign to Megan automatically.

Website/Online Store

Website Suggestions and Changes

Automatically assigns a task to the website developer. (Naomi)

Add Item to Online Store

Automatically assigns a task to the online store manager. (Naomi)


Poster/Sign Design

Automatically assigns a poster/sign task to the graphic designers. (Naomi checks task requirements then filters to Megan)

Proofing Needed

Automatically assigns a proofing need to the proofing team. (Naomi checks task requirements and then filters to the Proofing Porcupines.)


Animal Photography Upload

Upload your safari photos to be considered for marketing use. Assigns a task to the photo database/website developer. (Naomi)

Safari Idea/Suggestion Box


Idea & Suggestion Box – LINK COMING SOON

Upload your ideas and suggestions to this form. Assigns a task to a space to be considered in the think tank.

Help Resource Links

Welcome to our project management software! Here are some helpful links to help you learn the ins and outs.