Mall exterior of Sustainable Safari.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals are at Sustainable Safari®?

Over 200!

How long do the animals stay at the mall?

Short periods of time for each species. We have an off-site farm location and rotate schedule to alert us when each animal is ready to head back home for vacation and renewal time.

Are reservations required?

Nope! Reservations are not required for regular visiting. If you wish you take a Guided Safari Tour, you can make a reservation by booking online or in-store. You can also reserve our space for parties and more! Learn more by clicking here.

How are the animals taken care of?

Our Safari staff is trained on each animal’s specific needs, not only for the species needs, but each animal has a personality and preference for interaction and communication. We have daily wellness checks for each animal you see in Sustainable Safari®. Each animal goes through a daily checklist process for physical and mental wellness to ensure the absolute well-being of every critter.

How long are the one-on-one experiences with animals?

All animal experiences times vary. Sometimes it’s up to the animal! Most holdings last 4 minutes.

How often do the enclosures get cleaned?

All animal enclosures are cleaned daily for the safety of our animals and guests!

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