Sustainable Safari’s mission and core values.

Capybara hand feeding experience

About Sustainable Safari®

Our mission is to educate the public on planetary sustainability through the use of live animals in a safe and up-close manner.

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With the help of our Safari Guides, our Wildlife Encounters energize, engage, and educate guests about animals, natural science, and the challenges they face today. We hope to inspire humanity to save wild animals from extinction and help make the planet much healthier for all living species.

Sustainable Safari® is a licensed and insured animal exhibitor at Maplewood Mall. The Safari is a destination experience for all ages. The Safari offers mobile and free daily wildlife shows with teachings about Sustainability Practices and Natural History.

Sustainable Safari® Core Values

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Environmental Stewardship

Humans have been entrusted with responsible management of planet Earth. No person or action can change the direction of human encroachment into the natural world. United in humility, passion, and concern, we’ll help provide a Sustainable Future for all species to participate in and enjoy.

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Respect & Humility

The company holds all life in the highest regard, understanding that the best scenario for all species is to be free in their natural habitat. However, today’s earth will never allow a perfect balance for all species. Therefore, Sustainable Safari® accepts responsibility for all animal ambassadors. Sustainable Safari® is committed to attending to each species’ care needs, diet, enrichment, handling, and housing.

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Educate & Inspire

Sustainable Safari® holds great pride in ensuring guests receive education on the challenges humans have created for all inhabitants of planet earth while offering the opportunity to be part of the solution.

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The Safari holds each employee to high standards of ethics and integrity through action. Through employees and education, Sustainable Safari® aims to lead in sustainable practices and natural science research.

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Animals & Family

With a focus on unique animals, Sustainable Safari® is a popular family destination that forever creates memories and an emotional bond with animals, nature, and wildlife.