Which animal encounter style suits your party? Choose the Guided Safari Tour and experience Sustainable Safari!

Bookings – Guided Safari Tours

Looking to go on the complete safari?

A general admission ticket includes an all-day pass with free re-entry, a small animal feed cup, and the ability to move freely about the animal exhibits.

Tamandua Anteater
The Guided Safari Tour

The Guided Safari Tour

Spend 90 minutes behind the scenes and explore the Safari with our professional Safari Guides! Up-close, exclusive, and specialized Feedings, Holdings, and Experiences.

$180 (+Admission) Per person
(Ages 10 and up.)

no open shoes icon.No open shoes. Closed-toe shoes are required for all Experiences.

no open shoes icon.No open shoes. Closed-toe shoes are required for all Experiences.

Guided Safari Tour Description
Includes all available extras and exclusive animal encounters. Learn more about all species with our professional Safari Guides. Tour behind the scenes and into animal enclosures!
Price: $180 + Admission Per Person. Additional general admission tickets for more party members can be purchased at the door.
Ages: 10 and up (Age 10+ is required for iguana and large snake holding.)
Time: 90-minute tour (Choose a time when booking). Each Animal Holding, Feeding, and Experiences last up to 5 minutes.
Animal Holdings: Red Kangaroo/Wallaby, Turtle, American Alligator, Snake, Baby Goat, and Seasonal Additions.*
Animal Feedings: Binturong(Bearcat), Tamandua Anteater, and Seasonal Additions.*
Animal Experiences: Parakeet Aviary AKA “The Tree House,” Guinea Pig Village, African Porcupine (exclusive experience!), Capybara, and Seasonal Additions.*
Admission Includes an all-day entry ticket. After the tour ends, explore the Safari further or travel into the mall to shop or grab a bite to eat. We stamp your hand for easy re-entry!

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