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About Sustainable Safari®

Our mission is to educate the public on Planetary Sustainability through the use of live animals in a safe and up-close manner.

Sustainable Safari® is a licensed and insured mobile animal exhibitor and is now also stationed at the Maplewood Mall. Our displays are designed to protect the public and animals while at the same time getting our guests up close to our magnificent animals. Sustainable Safari® hopes that we give all guests an experience to help energize and engage them with helping to save our naturally wild animals from extinction and help make our planet much healthier as a whole for all living species.

The focus of our mobile exhibits is a one-on-one style of education within small and large groups, teaching about Sustainability Practices and Natural History. If you are interested in having us come to you, click here to learn more about our Wildlife Shows.

Core Values

Environmental Stewardship

Humans have been entrusted to the careful and responsible management of planet Earth. No one person or action can change the direction of human encroachment into the natural world. United in humility, passion, and concern, together, we’ll help provide a Sustainable Future for all species to take part in and enjoy.

Respect & Humility

We hold all life in the highest regard; we understand that the best scenario for all species is to be free in their natural habitat. However, we also understand today’s Earth will never allow a perfect balance for all species. Therefore, we accept responsibility for our animal ambassadors. While in our care, we are committed to attending to their needs of care, diet, enrichment, handling, and housing.

Educate & Inspire

Sustainable Safari® holds great pride in ensuring our guests, students, and critics receive the best possible untethered education on the challenges and solutions humans have created for all inhabitants of Planet Earth while offering them the opportunity to be part of the solution.


Our company holds employees to very high standards of ethics and integrity through action. Sustainable Safari® aims to be a global attraction that will lead the way in Animal and Sustainable Practices through our obvious platform.

Animals – Fun

With a focus on unique animals and proprietary technology Sustainable Safari® strives to be a proper family destination with Emotionally Bonded – Inspired – Forever Memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals are at Sustainable Safari®?

Over 200!

How long do the animals stay at the mall?

Short periods depending on each species. We have an off-site farm location and rotate schedule to alert us when each animal is ready to back home for a vacation and renewal time.

Are reservations required?

Nope! Reservations are not required for regular visiting. If you wish you take a Guided Safari Tour, you can make a reservation by booking online or in-store. You can also reserve our space for parties and more! Learn more by clicking here.

How are the animals taken care of?

Our Safari staff is trained on each animal’s specific needs, not only for the species needs, but each animal has their personality and preferences for interaction and communication. We have daily wellness checks on every animal you see here at the Sustainable Safari®. Each animal goes through a daily checklist process for physical and mental wellness to ensure the absolute well-being of each critter.

How long are the one-on-one experiences with animals?

Each animal species’ experience has a variable length of time. Sometimes it’s up to the animal! Most holdings last 4 minutes.

How often do the enclosures get cleaned?

All animal enclosures are stripped and cleaned daily for the safety of our animals and guests!

Species List

Sustainable Safari® has 98+ species of animals to view or interact with! Click the links below to learn more about each species.

Note: Some animals become unavailable due to scheduling and rotation.

African Porcupine/Crested Porcupine – Crested Porcupine

African Sideneck Turtle – Pelomedusidae

Agouti – Agouti

Alpaca – Alpaca

Alpine Goat – Alpine Goat

American Alligator – American Alligator

American Badger – American Badger

American Porcupine – North American Porcupine

Armadillo – Seven-banded Armadillo

Asian Small-clawed Otter – Asian Small-clawed Otter 

Bearded Dragon – Bearded Dragon

Binturong/Bearcat – Binturong

Boa Constrictor – Boa Constrictor

Blackbelly Racerunner Lizard – Aspidoscelis Deppii

Blue Iguana – Blue Iguana

Blue-tongued Skink – Blue-tongued Skink

Brazilian Three-banded Armadillo – Brazilian Three-banded Armadillo

Bush Baby – Bush Baby (Galago)

Cane Toad – Cane Toad

Capybara – Capybara

Central American Banded Gecko – Central American Banded Gecko

Chameleon – Chameleon

Chicken/Rooster – Chicken

Chinchilla – Chinchilla

Chubby Frog – Banded Bullfrog

Club-tailed Iguana – Ctenosaura Quinquecarinata

Colombian Red-footed Tortoise – Red-footed Tortoise

Corn Snake – Corn Snake

Cuban Tree Frog – Cuban Tree Frog

Day Gecko – Phelsuma

Diamondback Terrapin – Diamondback Terrapin

Duck – Duck

Dwarf Armadillo – Pichi

Emerald Swift – Sceloporus Malachiticus

Emma Gray’s Forest Lizard – Calotes Emma

Emu – Emu

Fennec Fox – Fennec Fox

Ferret – Ferret

Florida Softshell Turtle – Florida Softshell Turtle

Gargoyle Gecko – Gargoyle Gecko

Giant Millipede – Archispirostreptus Gigas

Gibba Turtle – Mesoclemmys Gibba

Goat – American Pygmy

Green Frog – Lithobates Clamitans

Green Iguana – Green Iguana

Grison/Galictis – Galictis

Guinea Pig – Guinea Pig

Hinge-Back Tortoise – Bell’s Hinge-back Tortoise

Kinkajou – Kinkajou

Krefft’s Sideneck Turtle – Emydura

Kunekune Pig – Kunekune

Kwangtung Pond Turtle – Red-necked Pond Turtle

Leopard Frog – Leopard Frog

Llama – Llama

Mangalica Pig – Mangalica

Mata Mata Turtle – Mata Mata

Miniature Zebu – Miniature Zebu

Mountain Coati – Nasuella

Muntjac Deer – Muntjac

Ouachita Map Turtle – Ouachita Map Turtle

Owl Monkey/Night Monkey – Panamanian Night Monkey

Painted River Terrapin – Painted Terrapin

Painted Turtle – Painted Turtle

Palawan Porcupine – Philippine Porcupine

Parakeet/Budgerigar – Budgerigar

Patagonian Mara – Patagonian Mara

Pink Belly Snapper Turtle – Red-bellied Short-necked Turtle

Pixie Frog – African Bullfrog

Poison Dart Frog – Poison Dart Frog

Prairie Dog – Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Prehensile-tailed Porcupine – Prehensile-tailed Porcupine

Rabbit – Rabbit

Racoon – Raccoon

Red-eared Slider Turtle – Red-eared slider

Red Fox – Red Fox

Red Kangaroo – Red Kangaroo

Ring-tailed Cat – Ring-tailed Cat

Ring-tailed Lemur – Ring-tailed Lemur

Rock Hyrax – Rock Hyrax

Scorpion Mud Turtle – Scorpion Mud Turtle

Skink – Skink

Snapping Turtle – Common Snapping Turtle

Speke’s Hinge-back Tortoise – Speke’s Hinge-back Tortoise

Spiny Softshell Turtle – Spiny Softshell Turtle

Spotted Skunk – Spotted Skunk

Stinkpot Musk Turtle – Sternotherus Odoratus

Striped Skunk – Striped Skunk

Sugar Glider – Sugar Glider

Sulcata Tortoise – African Spurred Tortoise

Sunda Porcupine – Sunda Porcupine

Tamandua Anteater – Tamandua

Tarantula – Tarantula

Virginia Opossum – Opossum

Wallaby – Wallaby

West African Helmeted Turtle – African Helmeted Turtle

Woodchuck – Groundhog

Wood Frog – Wood Frog

White-tailed Deer – White-tailed Deer

Zebu – Zebu

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