Sustainable Safari is not only a great entertainment destination for all ages, but we are also honored to provide one-on-one style wildlife education.

Wildlife show, Safari John and a Groundhog

Sustainable Safari® Wildlife Shows

Sustainable Safari® is honored to provide wildlife education presentations for small and large groups. Wildlife Shows educate the community about natural history and sustainability practices.

Learn about live Sustainable Safari® Wildlife Shows below!

Safari Bob is presenting an alligator hatchling to a group of seated viewers.

Daily Wildlife Shows at Sustainable Safari®

Free with Entry Ticket!

Sustainable Safari® presents educational Wildlife Shows starring at least three animals every day. Learn fun facts about these unique and beautiful animals up close!

Have the Wildlife Show come to you!

Pricing varies.

Wildlife Shows last about 45 minutes and include a detailed natural history discussion about each animal. The presenter will bring 5-6 animals for each show. The program can be done for any size group. The bigger the group, the less animal contact is allowed. Wildlife Shows are also done inside buildings for the safety, comfort, and control of animals and guests.

Wildlife Education Shows integrate well in many different styles of groups. Our curriculum can benefit from daycares, school lyceums, senior groups, business groups, birthday parties, and other social events. The show includes learning opportunities about natural historysustainable practices, team building, and networking. The energetic and hands-on approach to each lesson will create memories attendees will never forget.

These learning experiences are available through Sustainable Safari® for communities and organizations throughout the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and greater Minnesota and Wisconsin.

For scheduling and pricing, please call 651-492-0230.

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