Take a journey into Sustainable Safari®! Located at the Maplewood Mall, we have 200+ animals to feed and interact with. Book a private tour!

Safari Bob Wildlife Show Caiman and Audience.

200+ Animals
to Feed & Pet!

Adventure into Sustainable Safari®!

Sustainable Safari® is a licensed and insured animal exhibitor at Maplewood Mall. The Safari is a destination animal encounter experience for all ages.

Available for a Limited Time:

Baby Binturong
Baby binturong

Exclusive Feeding:

Cain the tayra

Feed Cain the tayra, only available in the Treetop Adventure Pouch Package.

What is there to do at Sustainable Safari®?

Mabel the zeedonk-and goat feeding guests family activities

STEP 1: Start Your Safari!

(Included with Admission)

Adult: $15.50 | Child: $15.50 (Ages 4 and under are free!)

  • Guests can view and interact with most of the Safari’s animal species with general admission.
  • Tickets include all-day admission. We will stamp your hand for easy re-entry!

No reservations are required for general admission. Purchase tickets at the door.

Hours: Monday–Saturday, 11 am–7 pm & Sunday, 12 pm–6 pm.

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Extras to do at Sustainable Safari®!

Extras to do at Sustainable Safari®!

Girl with backwards had holding a baby alligator.

STEP 2: Animal Encounters

(Extras, Optional)

no open shoes icon.No open shoes. Closed-toe shoes are required for all Experiences.

Seeking fun for the whole family?

Pouch Package Bag with Tokens
Pouch Package Bag

STEP 3: Pouch Packages


Explore the Safari at your own pace with multiple Animal Encounter Tokens for the whole family! (Ages 5-10+).

$25-$130 (+Admission) Per person

No reservations are required. Purchase Pouch Packages with admission.

no open shoes icon.No open shoes. Closed-toe shoes are required for all Experiences.

Do you want a private tour of the Safari?

Capybara hand feeding experience

STEP 4: Guided Safari Tour (Optional)

Do you want the whole Safari experience? Spend 90 minutes behind the scenes of the Safari with a professional Safari Guide! Specialized feedings, encounters, holdings, and exclusives. (Ages 10 and up.)

$180 (+Admission) Per person

no open shoes icon.No open shoes. Closed-toe shoes are required for all Experiences.

No reservations are required for general admission.
Purchase your tickets at the door.

Safari Reviews

Reviews below are from the Sustainable Safari® Google Business profile!
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Capybara Family

“Absolutely amazing experience! Do a holding! We did fox and kangaroo. Feed the birds. Don’t miss any part of it. Staff is incredible. The kids got to pet the alligator and again staff was knowledgeable and fun. They seem to love their jobs. Area is clean and staff is constantly sweeping and disinfecting. Great value for an amazing experience.”

Tiffany Z.
Binturong Feeding

“Everyone in my group had fun. Ages ranged from 50 years old to 1 year old. I think the bird encounter was the most exciting. It’s a family ran business and it shows. Keep up the good work guys! We will for sure return.”

Olivia E.
Red Fox Experience

“…Totally exceeded expectations! There are so many cool animals there that I’ve never seen in person or haven’t been able to see up close before, and many of them we could feed/pet/hold! The facility and exhibits are clean, they are decorated in a fun way, and the animals seem to be taken care of very well! The staff were all very friendly and enthusiastic about what they do there – definitely made us feel welcomed, and that we should come back in the future!”

John H.
Close-up of a Marmoset's face.

Sustainable Safari®
at Maplewood Mall