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Website/Online Store

Website Bugs, Suggestions, and Changes

Automatically assigns a task to the website developer.

Add Item to Online Store

Automatically assigns a task to the online store manager.


Exhibit Signs Needed (Animal Move)

When an animal moves, go down this checklist:


Emails marketing.

Sign Needed (Customer Facing)

Automatically assigns a signage task to the graphic designers.

Print Request

Automatically assigns a design and or print task to the graphic designers.

Proofing Needed

Automatically assigns a proofing task to the proofing team.


Animal Photography Upload

Upload your safari photos to be considered for marketing use. Assigns a task to the photo database manager.

Safari Idea/Suggestion Box

Idea & Suggestion Box – LINK COMING SOON

Upload your ideas and suggestions to this form. Assigns a task to a space to be considered in the think tank.

Help Resource Links

Welcome to our project management software! Here are some helpful links to help you learn the ins and outs.