Safari Rules + Etiquette

Learn more about the rules and etiquette at Sustainable Safari® that keep our guests and animal ambassadors safe.

Rules and Etiquette at Sustainable Safari®
Suggested Safari Clothing Attire infographic
1 – Clothing Attire, Suggested and Required:
Suggested: The Safari is a hands-on, close-up, and interactive experience. You will be able to pet and interact with many animal species. Some animals may be interested in your shiny jewelry or baggy clothing. Refrain from wearing sequins, jewelry, flowing dresses, or baggy clothing.
Required: no open shoes icon. No open shoes for specific Animal Encounters (Feeding and Experiences) that bring you into the animal’s exhibit. This includes flip-flops, open-toed shoes, sandals, and crocs. If you do not plan on entering animal exhibits, you may wear open shoes into Sustainable Safari for general admission.
2 – No human food or drink is allowed past the admission counters. This is for the safety of our animals and guests. You may leave your food and beverages with the cashiers or finish them before entering. Plan your day-trip meal around the Safari. The food court at Maplewood Mall has plenty of options, or check out the surrounding dining options.
bright blue hand washing station with foot pump, soap, paper towel dispenser and trash bin.
3 – Wash your hands! We have hand sanitation stations throughout the Safari. Please wash your hands before and after interacting with our animal ambassadors.
4 – Walk, please, do not run! We understand you may be excited and want to attend the next animal exhibit. This is dangerous for the person running and everyone around them. This will also startle the animals because they are not used to it. It is best to avoid it. Thank you!
5 – Use indoor voices. Please keep volumes low, as shouting can startle animals and other guests. Thank you.
Baby binturong encounter. A binturong holding a guest's hand.
6 Please treat all of our animals with respect and dignity. Treat them the same way you would like to be treated. Close-up encounters with our animal ambassadors must be respectful. Some animals are fragile and sensitive or require a Safari Guide’s assistance. Read all signage before petting or feeding.
7 – Read and follow all instructional signage. Some animal ambassadors are on a special diet and cannot be fed from the admission feed cups. There will be signage posted at exhibits you cannot feed lettuce and grain. (Please do not feed: carnivores, birds, reptiles, or anything in a tank or behind glass from the food cups.)
Gallery Image
Gallery Image
8 – Please, do not pick up or chase our free-roaming chickens. We have free-roaming chickens around the Safari. A Safari Guide will help hold a chicken so you can pet and interact with them.
9 – Have fun! Or animal ambassadors and employees can’t wait to see you. We hope you have the best experience possible.
Rules and Etiquette at Sustainable Safari

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainable Safari’s most frequently asked questions. Click on the arrow to see the answer to each question.

How much is admission?

Adult – $15.50 Child – $15.50

All paid-entry receive:

  • ALL DAY Safari Entry FREE Same Day Re-entry
  • Includes $3.00 Feed Cup
  • Kids 4 & Under FREE
  • $2.00 OFF: Seniors, Military, First Responders, Educators *Must bring official ID
When is Sustainable Safari® open?

Safari Hours:
Sunday 12 pm-6 pm
Monday 11 am-7 pm
Tuesday 11 am-7 pm
Wednesday 11 am-7 pm
Thursday 11 am-7 pm
Friday 11 am-7 pm
Saturday 11 am-7 pm

We are closed on the following federal holidays for our animals and employees to enjoy their time off with their families. Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Day.

Are reservations required?

Nope! Reservations are not required for general admission. If you wish you take a Guided Safari Tour, you can make a reservation by booking online or in-store. You can also contact us about birthday parties and more!

Is the Safari inside or outside of the mall?

Sustainable Safari® is located inside Maplewood Mall on the second floor at the Southwest end of the Mall. Park in Kohl’s upper-level parking lot and enter Maplewood Mall door #2.

Sustainable Safari®
Maplewood Mall
3001 White Bear Avenue N,
Maplewood, MN 55109

How long are the one-on-one experiences with animals?

Each animal species’ experience has a variable length of time. Sometimes it’s up to the animal! Most holdings last 3-5 minutes.

How long is a regular visit to Sustainable Safari®?

Anywhere from one hour to four hours or all day. The Safari is entirely self-guided; it depends on how much time you spend at each animal exhibit. With dozens of species to view and interact with, plan at least a few hours of your day around the Safari to receive the entire experience. We stamp your hand for easy re-entry. All paid admission includes an all-day pass!

Are capybaras currently available at Sustainable Safari®?

Yes! The capybara is always available to feed, pet, and interact with at Sustainable Safari. Multiple families are rotated from our farm to the Safari.